My Order Keeps Getting Declined

I am so sorry to hear that :(  I'll do my very best to help.

First things first, if you're order isn't processing and is getting declined, that is 100% out of our hands and from your bank and/or credit card company (especially if an international transaction).  

Your best bet is to first try another card and if that isn't possible or doesn't work - call your credit card company and find out what the problem is, they likely just need to hear from you to authorize the purchase.

There are usually 4 reasons why a card will be declined, see below:

  1. Incorrect credit card number or expiration date
  2. Insufficient funds
  3. Some banks will reject charges based on location
  4. Some banks will reject charges based on their own fraud rules

Once you've talked with your credit card company, please return to the order form and try the purchase again - please note, if still having troubles I recommend checking out with PayPal.

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