How Do I Cancel My Cole's Classroom Pro Membership?

If you need to make any changes to your Cole's Classroom Pro membership, it's super easy.  Just click here and enter the same email that you used when you signed up for the membership and you'll be able to pause or cancel your account within a couple of clicks! 

Please note that once you click cancel you'll immediately lose access to all training as well as forfeit any unused Product Credits, preventing you from redeeming your credits for our presets, templates, guides and other downloadable resources.

If you’d prefer to pause or downgrade your membership instead of deleting please email us at

If you delete your account you will lose access to:

  1. The entire Cole’s Classroom Pro course catalog
  2. The private Facebook group
  3. The 200+ training & webinars in the “training vault”
  4. All episodes of Backstage Pass

    However, if you are canceling because you are short on time, or would like a more affordable membership level, we have a great option available to you that will let you keep many great benefits and features that you will immediately lose if you choose to cancel vs downgrade.

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