How to Install Lightroom Develop Presets

Having trouble installing our presets into Lightroom?  We have a detailed installation guide to help walk you through the process and if you follow each step, it's quite easy.  But before we get to that step read through these 3 steps below.

Step 1 - make sure you already have Adobe Lightroom installed on your computer as our presets import into that software ("Lightroom" isn't our software, we just create the presets).
Step 2 - make sure you download the zip file containing your presets to your desktop computer, not a mobile device as most mobile devices can't handle / open zip files.
Step 3 - download the zip file to your computer, the preset files inside (.lrtemplate files) will be what you import into Lightroom - don't try to import the zip file folder

Now that you're ready to install,  click right here for our installation guide - it is the best support we have to and walk you through the install process as there are two different install methods shown in both written and video form.


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