Why Was I Charged $49 After My 10 Day Trial?

First off, we're sorry for any confusion! We do our very best to be extremely clear and upfront about our Cole's Classroom Pro program but sadly, sometimes important details are overlooked or forgotten.

You probably joined Cole's Classroom Pro on a $1 trial in 1 of 2 ways. Both are explained below.

1. An "add-on" purchase to another product at the time of checkout.  In this case at the time of checkout you were offered a $1 trial.  In order to accept this trial & the terms of use, you have to check the box as shown below.  You'll also note that the text includes full explanation of what to expect and when the auto-charge will occur.

2. You signed up for a $1 trial through a free webinar we hosted.  In this case, we also expressed both verbally & on the presentation that there's absolutely no "catch" but this is in fact a 10 day trial with unrestricted access and then on day 11 there is a $49 charge - if your membership isn't cancelled before. 

In addition, we do our best to avoid any confusion by also sending multiple emails advising when the trial ends & auto-renews at the $49 per month price as shown here: 

At this point, I think it's fair to say that we always do our best to be very clear about the billing logistics with our month to month membership but we understand life can get hectic and things can be overlooked. But one thing is certain, we at Cole's Classroom never charge any of our customers manually or in any unauthorized manner.  Any and all charges that occur are only from our customers initial purchase actions.

If you no longer what to be a Cole's Classroom Pro member you can easily opt-out and cancel your membership by clicking here & following the prompts

Thank you!
Cole's Classroom

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